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About Haiti Child Sponsorship

January 12, 2010, is a day the world, particularly Haiti, will never forget. Late in the afternoon, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the region, leaving total destruction in its path. Hundreds of thousands lost their lives. Many more were left injured, homeless, and hopeless. Of those remaining, a great number were children.

Children living at the Source of Light Center orphanage in Haiti are in great need of sponsorship. In partnership with the Haiti Baptist Convention, Hungarian Baptist Aid and the Baptist World Alliance, Virginia Baptists are committed to restoring hope and a future to as many children as possible.

Children living at the orphanage are in great need of sponsorship and here is how you can help:

  * $35 per month—Daily Sponsorship (food, daily care, housing expenses)
  * $20 per month—Education Sponsorship (books, uniforms, school supplies)
  * $15 per month—Health Sponsorship (vitamins, medical exams, medication)


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