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Help me raise money for my favorite cause. Instead of giving me a gift for my 21st birthday, I'm asking all my friends to support my cause.

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About China 2019 Winter Team

- Short term trip to China 2019 Winter -
Reminder:  Deadline for donations is January 2nd!

Church is sending 5 short-term missionaries to the city of Hope to share His LOVE with students from Feb 2 to Feb 10th.
Our mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with these young people of China.

The team will be teaching the Word, praying, sharing, activitities such as Arts & Crafts, Body worship/Hip hop dance, Games, Skit, and doing everything we can so that these students will get a glimpse of God's Agape Love!

Please join us by Praying and Giving as the Lord leads.

Please pray for  
1.Unity: bind the team in Love and Truth of Christ.                      
2.Protection: the team and students before, during & after the trip
3.Salvation: every student will encounter God's Agape LOVE
4.Provision: enough funds to be raised within a short amount of time

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