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About John and Susie

We are John and Susie. We met in college our freshman year and started dating during a study abroad program in Africa. From the beginning of our relationship we shared a passion for service and international development work. Early in our relationship, we realized we ‘sharpened’ each other. We encouraged each other to take all our ideas of bringing heaven to earth from an ideology to a reality.  Even while we were college we admired and respected Food for the Hungry as a development organization and found that their vision and mission of holistic ministry resonated with our hearts.

We are blessed to have the opportunity to serve with Food for the Hungry in Southeast Asia. Food for the Hungry began working in Southeast Asia following the tsunami, initially to provide relief assistance to children and families who survived the tragedy. In response to the long-term need for rebuilding and rehabilitation, Food for the Hungry has committed to help communities and leaders discover sustainable ways to improve their living and know and embrace the love of God.

We are both so excited and blessed to be serving in areas we are passionate about in Asia!

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