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Treasure DTS 2019 Treasure DTS 2019 Short Term Missions 55% of $1,000 raised

Treasure DTS is a 5-6 month discipleship training school that provides biblical understanding and practical application of who God is, his heart for the nations, and his heart for the individual; it includes classroom lecture, intentional discipleship, local and international evangelism, and teaching on how to make Jesus Christ known throughout the world.

To give students the opportunity to grow in discipleship, evangelism, worship, intercession, and Christian values. This happens during a three-month lecture phase with twelve different topics centered on Jesus Christ, the Trinity, Evangelism, Identity, and Discipleship. During the course of the Lecture phase, there are weekly assignments that focus on finding the Treasure around you. You will be tasked to go out in the community and get to know those around you, ranging from store owners, students, refugees, and locals. Then through different means, you will tell their story!

-We will also be part of a ‘Perspectives Class’ which is included in your DTS tuition. Each Monday evening we will join the greater Boise community for this course which will lead to an even greater understanding of the world we live in.

-This leads to our two-month outreach somewhere out in the world. We will pray as a staff team and hear God’s voice for where he wants the DTS to travel. We will be working with, Refugees, homeless communities, mercy ministries, and individuals worldwide.

The DTS Aims to Graduate Students:
With a growing understanding of the breadth and depth of God’s character and ways

Who are becoming more like Jesus in the way they relate to God and people

Who increasingly cooperate with the empowering presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit

Who listen to and obey God as the result of God’s enabling Grace

Who search the Scripture in such a way that transforms beliefs, values, and behaviors

With strengthened lifestyles of worship, intercession, and spiritual warfare

With a greater ability to work with others, especially those different to themselves

Who can share the Gospel with the lost and have a lifelong commitment to do so

With a commitment to continue to be involved in some way with God’s work among the nations, including unreached people, the poor, the needy, and in spheres of society

Who understand the calling and values of YWAM and are aware of a variety of opportunities available to them throughout YWAM

With a clearer understanding of God’s purposes for their life and a sense of their life direction

Who either:

Go on to serve God in either a context familiar or foreign to them.
Pursue further training (in or outside of YWAM) to equip them for further service.

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China 2019 Winter Team China 2019 Winter Team Short Term Missions 2% of $10,000 raised

- Short term trip to China 2019 Winter -
Reminder:  Deadline for donations is January 2nd!

Church is sending 5 short-term missionaries to the city of Hope to share His LOVE with students from Feb 2 to Feb 10th.
Our mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with these young people of China.

The team will be teaching the Word, praying, sharing, activitities such as Arts & Crafts, Body worship/Hip hop dance, Games, Skit, and doing everything we can so that these students will get a glimpse of God's Agape Love!

Please join us by Praying and Giving as the Lord leads.

Please pray for  
1.Unity: bind the team in Love and Truth of Christ.                      
2.Protection: the team and students before, during & after the trip
3.Salvation: every student will encounter God's Agape LOVE
4.Provision: enough funds to be raised within a short amount of time

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Support our Mexico Vision Trip in 2010 Support our Mexico Vision Trip in 2010 Short Term Missions Closed

Mexico summer vision trip 2010.

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Cambo 2019 Summer Cambo 2019 Summer Short Term Missions 3% of $20,000 raised

Cambo Trip by Jubilee

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Christmas Banquet Christmas Banquet Short Term Missions $4,850 raised

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QuickDonate QuickDonate Short Term Missions $13,584 raised

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